In the fall of 2017, a member of a local bridge club, Jeane Crumpler, was among St. Paul parishioners gathered to hear the church’s district superintendent describe ways to encourage members of the community to participate in the mission of the church. “What you want to do,” he said, “is to become a BRIDGE.” 

     “A bridge? thought Jeane, who, serendipitously, was among those trying to help find a new home base for an ever-growing number of bridge players in and around Montgomery County, TX. “I wonder if my church would like to become the home of a new bridge club?"

     The union between church and bridge was born! LSBC – Lone Star Bridge Club held their first gathering at St. Paul in January of 2018 and now numbers over 100 members. The club is a volunteer organization with no salaried or compensated members or staff. They established bylaws, voted in a board of directors, and make all decisions by a majority vote of that board. 

     The relationship between LSBC – Lone Star Bridge Club and St. Paul United Methodist Church could not be happier. The club does not pay rent or building use fees, but does contribute their share of utility and janitorial expense.

      Members of the bridge club have been eager to support St. Paul’s missional projects. The club’s participation has been so great that the church keeps a Radio Flyer wagon parked in the fellowship hall to transport the bridge club’s offerings to locations around the church where they are collected for packing and distribution! LSBC – Lone Star Bridge Club also donates funds to help with various maintenance and upkeep projects of their choosing.  

     LSBC – Lone Star Bridge Club is a sanctioned member of the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) and Local Unit 174. Below are some links you may enjoy visiting and find helpful. We hope that if you enjoy duplicate bridge, you will come play with us!   


Lone Star Bridge Club History