About Lone Star Bridge Club

Where We Meet


Lone Star Bridge Club meets in the Fellowship Hall at St. Paul United Methodist Church  1100 Semands Dr. in Conroe, Texas.  

We Are A Friendly Duplicate Bridge Club


Lone Star Bridge Club uses a dealing machine for game hands, provides hand records at end of game, posts scores to Unit web site, and provides Bridgemate score pads for players' convenience.  Our games begin every Monday at noon, and every Thursday at 10:30 a.m. All games are sanctioned and stratified. Game fee: $5.00

Special Games and Lessons



Thank you for hosting the ACBL-WIDE SENIOR PAIRS GAME, Monday afternoon March 2, 2020. The starting time should be no earlier than 12:00pm.

*** No game information, including scores, hand records or any commentary may be posted online (on a club, unit or personal website) until  7:00 EST after the game***


  • All games must be uploaded to Live for Clubs by 7:00 PM EST, March 3, 2020
  • Corrections to the game must be submitted to Live for Clubs by March 10, 2020. Any corrections made after that date will not be included in the determination of overall winners. 
  • Overalls will be posted online by March 17, 2020. 

Printed (hardcopy) hand records and analysis may be provided to the players at the end of the game.   

If your club participates in The Common Game, the results may be submitted to them when the game is over. 

***Dealing Machine Files will be sent electronically two weeks prior to the date of the game***

Sanction Fees

$5.00 US per table payable to ACBL through Live for Clubs

District Recognition

District winners are announced on the ACBL web site and in the Bridge Bulletin.

Masterpoint Awards

All games must be uploaded to Live for Clubs by 7:00 PM EST, March 3, 2020

Masterpoint Awards are 72% sectional rated black. Invitational clubs are 80% of the total award. 

Overall and District Masterpoint awards are determined as follows:

Overall:  First Place:  20 points   Depth of awards:  10 places

 District:  First Place:  10 points  Depth of awards:  5 places

Winners will receive the greater of the nationwide and the district awards, in addition to masterpoints won at the game itself.

This event is for players who were born before Jan. 1, 1960 (One age-ineligible pair is allowed and the pair is not eligible for Masterpoint awards). I hope your players enjoy the analyses written by Barry Rigal. 

Sherry Terraciano

Special Events Game Specialist

American Contract Bridge League

Lone Star Bridge Club

Announces a Monthly 299er Game, 

2nd Tuesday of each Month

The game starts at 10:30, Bring a lunch.

Stratified: C=0-50, B=51-150, A=151-299

Cost is $5.00 per game. For Partnership please contact Anita Rothfuss at

For additional information call: Linda Sutton, 936-443-3600, or Mary McDonald at 281-964-7212.

Starting December 10,  DLM Jeff Kroll will give a free lesson before the 299er game.  The lesson will start at 9:45 am.


Diamond Life Master Jeff Kroll welcomes questions about bridge hands. You may send them to him at or place them in a box at the games. After receiving several questions, Jeff will schedule a free lesson to cover the topics requested. The lessons will be announced through our club’s emails. On the days Jeff plays, he arrives 30 minutes before game time to answer bridge questions.

Missions and Activities


Members of  Lone Star Bridge Club  participate year-round in charitable support to organizations such as Children's Protective Services, Operation Christmas Child, Montgomery County Food Bank, and others. 

Bridge Video 1

Check out this great bridge video

Bridge Video 2

Check out this great bridge video

Jeff Kroll's Lone Star College Bridge Class Part 1

Check out this great video

Jeff Kroll's Lone Star College Bridge Part 2

Check out this great video

Contact Us

Linda Sutton, Club Manager,

Mary McDonald, Club President,

(281) 964-7212

For Partnership assistance contact:

Anita Rothfuss at

2019-2020 Lone Star Bridge Club Board of Directors


                               President              Mary McDonald                

            Vice President       Anita Rothfuss

             Secretary              Vicky Martinez

        Treasurer              Helen Wren

          Club Manager       Linda Sutton

                 Church Liaison      Vicky Martinez    

            Members at large: Jeff Kroll, Gene Levy, Bob Frederick, Bill Gemas

                  Webmaster       Doug Boswell

Lone Star Bridge Club - Sanction #275321

St. Paul UMC 1100 W Semands Conroe, Texas

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Lone Star Bridge Club Policies

Important Information



LONE STAR BRIDGE CLUB has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY. The Lone Star Bridge Club endorses and enforces the ACBL Zero Tolerance Policy. The full Zero Tolerance Policy is available on the ACBL website.

The following behaviors are not allowed at our player-friendly club:

· Rudeness, intimidation, badgering, gloating

· Profanity, abusive language 

· Violence

· Negative comments regarding opponent’s bidding or play

· Negative comments regarding partner’s bidding or play

· Aggressive or confrontational behavior with any director, opponent or partner. 

Violations of Lone Star Bridge Club’s Zero Tolerance Policy are: 

1.  Upon the first violation the Director has the right and discretion to do any of the below in the following sequence: 

      · Issue a warning

      · Access a ¼ board or 3 IMP penalty to the offender’s pair. 

      · Take the issue to the Conduct and Ethics Committee for review and further     action

      · Ask the offender and his/her partner to leave the game


2. Violations will be documented in the Club Manager’s Notebook with accompanying date and description of the nature of the violation. Further violations or patterns of infractions by the same offender will be referred to the Conduct and Ethics Committee for further review and action.

We want to develop an atmosphere of camaraderie and healthy competition at our Club.  

Thank you for your compliance with this Zero Tolerance Policy.


Any member who legitimately believes that a Director has made an incorrect call of an ACBL Rule shall have the right to request an appeal of such a call. The great majority of Director’s Call shall stand.

· An appeal request must be made at the table at the time of the Director Call in question. 

· Both the player and his/her partner must agree that an appeal should be made.

· No other Director shall be called to the table to discuss at the time of the Call. The Director making the call may walk away to confer with another Director if he/she requires confirmation of a Rule.

· During the Director Call Process, the players at the table may always ask to see the ACBL Laws of Duplicate Bridge Book to reference the rule in question.


· Immediately after the game, as many of the Board of Directors as are available, shall meet to review the Director’s Call in question. 

· The Board may request other Certified Directors, or if unavailable, advanced knowledgeable players to participate in the review. 

· A total of at least three or five BOD/Directors/knowledgeable players shall be required so that a majority vote may occur. 

· Once the Appeal Committee has reached a decision, no further appeal is available.

· Both the Director that made the call and the offending pair must be present to give the facts of the call.

If the offending pair is not satisfied, they will be advised that they can always send an email with the facts and final ruling to the ACBL for confirmation of accuracy.

The Club Manager will maintain a Notebook which contains Appeal Committee decisions with dates and notations regarding the facts of the appeal and decision, as well as previous examples from ACBL to LSBC, its members and sister clubs giving guidance on specific calls and results.

Any club member who requests appeals on a repeated basis, in such a manner to be deemed frivolous, shall be referred to the Conduct and Ethics Committee.

*Appeals relating to issues other than Director Calls shall be referred to the Conduct and Ethics Committee. 


· Directors shall make all efforts to encourage players to play within the time limits of each round.

· All four players at the table are responsible for eliminating slow play when it occurs.

· If a table has not picked up its last board before the end of the round has been announced, the Director, at his/her discretion, may give the two pairs at that table the option to take a “Late Play” of that board. This is not a penalty…it is only to ensure that the tempo of the entire game is maintained.  The ACBL stresses that the objective should always be to strive for an actual score in preference to no score. Directors shall make every effort NOT to assess a “No Play” as this affects non-offending pairs as well as offending players, but a No Play will be assessed if both pairs do not agree to a Late Play. 

· A Director may, at his/her discretion, apply additional penalties in line with ACBL guidelines for those players/pairs that have established a continued pattern of slow play which impacts repeatedly on the flow of the LSBC games. 

Enforcing the Slow Play Policy will result in a better functioning Club. Slow players have a negative effect on the over-all tempo of the game, which often results in player frustration at the other effected tables.

Please read these policies carefully as they are in effect immediately. They will also be posted at the club. If you have any questions, please ask a Board member.